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Only 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide and most of time it's because we are unaware of what we can and can't recycle. I found a huge increase in online sales over lockdown and the amount of bubblewrap building up in my home was ridiculous - many people are unaware it can be recycled and it ends up in landfill or the ocean...

      The objective of The Bubl Project is to collect non-recycled bubble wrap, then using a heat-press, form it into this new sheet material.  Bubl can then ultimately sell as sheets or formed products, where a proportion of the proceeds will be donated to charities fighting against climate change. Like most plastic, this new material has a high strength-to-weight ratio and from testing, I’ve learned it can be dyed, printed on and sewn into. It’s also a great opportunity to raise awareness of our carbon footprint and how we can reduce the amount of plastic we use unnecessarily. 

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