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Third Year Undergraduate Module

This is the optical scanning record player of the future.

    This brief was, by far, my favourite out my undergraduate course. The aim was to choose a brand and create a product for that company, most likely to be available in the year 2050. This brief gave me the chance to research how technology is evolving and how I can apply a futuristic tone to my chosen product, being a record player. 

   My final product was the Bose Eclipse record player -  this needleless high-fidelity system is inspired by intergalactic spaces and specifically, the relationship between the earth, the moon and the sun. The name ‘Eclipse’ came from the fascination of the phenomenon where the moon moves between the earth and the sun. Instead of using a needle, the record players would use 3D optical scanning to read the grooves of the vinyl to translate into sound, meanwhile prolonging the life of the records from the 'no-contact' feature. Read more about this project in the PDF below...

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