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   my name is Sophie Pitt and I've recently completed my studies in MA Design at the University of the West of England in Bristol. I will be fully graduated in Spring 2022 and have previously graduated from a Creative Product Design BSc Honors degree (UWE 2019). I am keen to find my next employment in the product design and arts industry having completed almost six years of study, from A-Level to my current Masters degree.

    I have a range of excellent design skills gained through delivery of innovative product designs within my degrees and through my numerous artistic hobbies. I am passionate about the aesthetics of creative design and the influence this has in emotional value, purchasing decisions and how this affects the products unique selling point. Additionally, as a designer, there's such power to help tackle global, social and environmental issues, which is one of the reasons I'm incredibly proud to be a part of this industry.

   My passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of aesthetic design, inspire me to continually strive to produce successful designs of my own. I have an appreciation of the need to understand the risks within a design in order to produce innovative but robust design ideas. I enjoy painting and drawing for leisure and have produced a number of items commissioned by members of the public and friends such as music/band artwork and wedding styling.

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